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Homeless to Home

The Salvation Army’s Proven Social Services Model

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Homeless Prevention & Outreach

• Assess Needs

• Build Relationships

• Food/Rent/Utility Assistance

• Youth and Family Programs

• Agency Referrals

• Spiritual Support

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Shelter & Support

• Rapid Re-Housing

• Emergency Shelter

• Transitional Shelter

• Residential Treatment


• Recuperative Shelter

• Emergency Disaster Recovery

• Case Management

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Homeless to Home

• Permanent Supportive Housing

• Low Income Housing

• Sober Housing/Celebrate Recovery

• Senior Residential Programs

• Job training and support

• Corps Community Center Programs and Support

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Rady Center Concept

There will be three elements to the Rady Center: Housing, Social Services, Social Enterprise and Workforce Development

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To maximize the footprint of the Rady Center and offer the full continuum of care to individuals experiencing homelessness, The Salvation Army is exploring partnering with a developer to build affordable housing units (120-200 beds) with a percentage of those units designated for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH). In addition, The Salvation Army will provide emergency, interim and transitional housing and shelter (200 beds) for people experiencing homelessness.

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Social Services

Social Services will meet the needs of the larger community while helping those experiencing homelessness develop a plan to move from Homeless to Home. We will help people increase their self-sufficiency and set goals designed to give them strength and hope for their futures.

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Homeless Outreach Offices

Navigating the social service system can be daunting and overwhelming. Trained staff will help clients organize goals and break them into achievable tasks, They have a strong focus on assisting those they serve find permanent housing.

Social Service Offices

The Salvation Army (TSA) provides a wide range of support to those experiencing poverty. Pathway of Hope is a powerful new initiative TSA is using nationwide. These offices will serve
the residents of the Rady Center and the larger community.

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Seasonal Support

TSA will continue to provide scholarships for Summer Camps, Back to School and Christmas support.

Spiritual Support and Ministry

The Rady Center will have an officer(s) on-site to meet the spiritual needs of the community. This officer(s) will lead worship services and provide pastoral care to the men and women who reside at the RadyCenter and the larger community.

Food Pantry/Donations Outlet

A client choice food pantry will available for both residents and the community. The goal will be to provide a healthy food in a client-centered approach.

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Multi-purpose Room

This will provide a large space for meal programs during the week and worship services on the weekend.

Day Center for Women

There is the potential in partnership with Catholic Charities to move Rachel’s Women Center, a day center adjacent to the Rady Center onto the property with a long-term partnership/lease from Catholic Charities.

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Social Enterprise and Workforce Development

Social Enterprise is an innovative model designed to provide a revenue stream for programs and provide opportunities for clients to increase their self-sufficiency and earning potential. Social Enterprise at the Rady Center will offer mission-related enterprise and retail programs helping clients bridge the skills gap by giving them a path to economic mobility which is critical to getting and staying housed.

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There are four elements to this plan:

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Entrepreneur Incubator

There will be classroom spaces and offices to facilitate clients engaging in business development. While some will learn job skills, others will be given the opportunity to create their own business. The goal will be to help clients develop the tools and skills needed to increase their earning potential. This will include an entrepreneurial incubator to encourage clients to develop business concepts with support to execute those ideas.

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Job Training and Certification Program

 Case managers and staff will help clients create and execute a personal development plan to increase and ensure their economic mobility, a factor which is absolutely vital to securing and maintaining housing in San Diego, where clients’ households must be able to earn and take home at least $34.00 per hour to afford the average rent for a two bedroom apartment. Through collaborations and partnerships with vocational and trade schools, businesses and other-non-profits, The Salvation Army will endeavor to secure scholarships and financial support for certifications and trainings for clients who are eager for a second chance. The certification will be leveraged as a value-added component for hiring.

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All Salvation Amy staff, officers and volunteers involved with the Rady Center will be trained and committed to building relationships, collaborations and partnerships with downtown stakeholders and businesses. This will allow for continuous distribution of information on the value of the Rady Center’s social and community impact and investment in reducing the negative effects of homelessness to the Rady Center’s immediate neighbors and far beyond to all parts of San Diego County.

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Mission Related Retail

Social Enterprise is a growing trend because of the ability to create sustainable economic growth to support programing, as well as provide opportunities for clients to increase their self-sufficiency and earning potential.

Commercial Kitchen – Clients will learn skills and prepare food items that can be sold in either the café or market. The kitchen will also be able to make food for feeding programs hosted in the multi-purpose room.

Café – Along F Street, there will be a café staffed by clients learning cooking and serving skills and developing an understanding of business.

Market – Along F Street, there will also be a market for people to drop in and select prepared meals. This will enable clients to test products and understand market demands.