Success Story:

Changing Sargent Tom’s Life

Tom is a proud Marine. Even though he is retired, you are never a ‘former’ marine. He still carries the Semper Fi pride. With his Marine duties as a Gunnery Sargent, he was the man in charge and had a lot of responsibilities. But his transition into civilian life did not go smoothly. He found himself struggling with alcohol and ended up living on the street.

He found a ‘home’ at The Salvation Army’s Centre City Corps. The Corps Officers built a relationship with Tom and looked for opportunities for him to get involved.  His military service made it easy for him to serve as a volunteer, but made it hard for him to ask for help. While actively volunteering, he learned that the Centre City Corps was a safe place and everyone wanted the best for him. 

Smiling vet with flag

While the Corps Officers connected with Tom, the Homeless Outreach team worked to connect him with the right services.  This included connecting him to the Veterans’
Administration and working with veteran housing programs. Even with these resources, the road was not smooth and he lost his housing again.  But since he stayed connected to the Corps, the Homeless Outreach team helped him get reconnected to services.

With The Salvation Army’s help, Tom was able to effectively navigate the homeless service system and regained stable housing.  He learned we cared enough to encourage him to address his drinking problem.  He also learned we understand the system and can guide him to the best resources.

When you meet Tom, his smile is the first thing you’ll notice. And these days, the smile comes easier. His life has turned around drastically thanks to The Salvation Army. 

We want to help thousands of men and women like Tom who are looking for a second chance and need the Rady Center and our help to experience transformational change.