How has The Salvation Army been helping the homeless in San Diego?

The Salvation Army has been sheltering the homeless and helping those in need in San Diego since 1887.

Now open at The Door of Hope, where we’ve been helping mothers and children since the 1960’s, the $20 million Rady Residence adds 136 beds to shelter and support families experiencing homelessness.

Next, to increase our impact even more, our vision is to redevelop a city block we own downtown with a transformational $100 million facility to help women and men experiencing homelessness, The Rady Center.

The Rady Center

The Rady Center At a Glance

  • The Rady Center will offer a mix of interim, transitional, bridge, permanent supportive and low-income housing that will shelter 200 plus people experiencing homelessness.
  • The Rady Center will also provide support services, case management, a market, a cafe, entrepreneurship opportunities for the homeless and much more.
  • Residents will have full access to The Salvation Army’s job training programs, mentorship, rehab facilities, job placement programs and housing specialists.
  • Cost: $100 million to be raised from private philanthropy, government support, tax credits and partnerships.
  • Location: Downtown block at 7th and E streets owned by The Salvation Army.
  • Impact: 7,100 homeless men and women will be sheltered at the Rady Center over the next 10 years.
  • The Salvation Army is leading this project with a very generous 1:1 challenge grant of up to $35 million, from Ernest and Evelyn Rady. The $35 million will establish a permanent endowment to sustain the Rady Center and TSA’s homeless programs for generations to come.

How Big is The San Diego Region’s
Homeless Problem?

Homelessness takes a toll on the San Diego region’s economy, environment, housing, health care, and criminal justice systems. The problem is exacerbated by the high cost of housing.

San Diego has the fourth largest homeless population in the United States. Homelessness impacts the quality of life for all San Diegans where, on any given night, the county-wide homelessness population exceeds 8,000 men, women and children.

  • The estimated cost of an individual who is homeless living on the street in San Diego County is $38,146. 
  • The Salvation Army’s estimated cost for an individual receiving housing and case management services is $15,358.
  • This represents an annual savings of 40% or $22,793 per person.

How Will The Rady Projects
Reduce Homelessness in
San Diego County?

These two new facilities will be so much more than simply temporary shelters.

  • With the opening of the new Rady Residence at The Door of Hope opens in the fall of 2020, an estimated 670 lives will be transformed annually at The Door of Hope with a ten year impact of helping 6,430 people go from Homeless to Home.
  • The Rady Center when completed will help an estimated 5,600 unduplicated individuals and 37,250 touch points in need annually by providing shelter and a variety of community support services.

What is The Salvation Army’s
Track Record of Success Getting the Homeless
Permanently Housed?

  • On average, 80% of people served in our residential homeless programs exit to permanent housing.

Why The Salvation Army?

  • The Salvation Army has the leadership, history and longevity that is critical to making an impact on significantly reducing homelessness in San Diego County for generations to come.

    • The Salvation Army has launched its Way Out Initiative to double its programs to alleviate homelessness in the Western U.S. in ten years.

How Will These Projects Be Paid For?

  • The Salvation Army is in a comprehensive campaign to secure private philanthropic anchored by a generous lead gift from Ernest and Evelyn Rady.

  • The Salvation Army is also securing city, county, state support and collaborations.

  • The long-term sustainability for the funding of The Salvation Army’s homeless  programs in San Diego can be ensured thanks to a generous 1:1 challenge grant from Ernest and Evelyn Rady. They will match every dollar raised up to $35 million to create a permanent endowment for homeless programs.

How Can I Help?

  • Make a gift. Your generous gift may be pledged over several years. And it will be matched.

  • Get involved. Host a gathering to help us reach out and engage new supporters.

  • Encourage engagement. Be a community connector and help us reach out to other community leaders and stakeholders.

For more information, contact:

Michele Prosser, CFRE
Capital Campaign Director

619.446.0276 office   
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The Rady Center

Total Impact: The Rady Center will impact 15,000 individuals in need annually by providing shelter and a variety of community support services.